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Lenovo Z6 Pro Series

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These delivery estimates apply when you order up to 3pm Mon-Fri excluding public holidays. Outdoors and especially in low-light conditions, however, the lack of saturation is particularly noticeable when comparing images side-by-side. The Z6 Pro handles the texture -versus-noise trade-off well, making it a key strength for the device. It manages visual noise well in all lighting conditions, too, with relatively clean areas of uniform color such as the sky ; and even in very low light, luminance noise is relatively low, with little sign of any problematic chromatic noise.

The Z6 Pro implements a fairly effective bokeh simulation for blurring backgrounds in Portrait mode. The depth-of-field effect is reasonably pleasant, and the bokeh spotlights show good contrast and a nice circular shape. That said, sometimes it renders bokeh spotlights when it should not, with results that appear unnatural, as though there are holes in the background such as in the example below.

Repeatability is good, so the effect is consistently applied when requested and levels of noise are uniform across both the sharp and smoothed areas for a natural effect. Edge artifacts are sometimes visible, too, and the blur gradient can be a little jarring. We deducted points for obvious artifacts, or image quality flaws. Shooting consecutive images in the lab, defocusing the device between shots and then waiting either a short ms or long ms delay before requesting focus, the Z6 Pro consistently snapped into focus in super-quick time.

Video exposure on the whole is acceptable, and particularly in well-balanced, uniformly-lit conditions, target exposures are pretty good, except in extreme low-light conditions. Dynamic range is limited in most lighting conditions, though, and both highlight and shadow clipping occur, especially in bright or high-contrast scenes. Exposure can be a little unstable in natural test scenes, too, where minor changes to the camera position or in lighting conditions cause fluctuations in exposure. Edge detail is particularly well-preserved, even in low light; and although texture scores drop off somewhat as the lighting is reduced, they remain acceptable, although a build-up of coarse spatial noise is fairly prominent in the shadow areas in low-light videos.

Significant wobbles and judders are visible, even in static handheld videos.

Lenovo Z6 Pro Review: Lenovo's Reattempt At Flagship Competition | Cashify

Boasting the latest Snapdragon chipset, a premium design, with a large 6. Read more about our Comment Policy. Updated: Lenovo Z6 Pro camera review. Camera Selfie. Update summary. Lenovo Z6 Pro, slight vignetting. Lenovo Z6 Pro, crop. Lenovo Z6 Pro, some loss of fine detail. Lenovo Z6 Pro, night scene.

Huawei P30 Pro, night scene. Huawei P30 Pro, crop. Xiaomi Mi 9, night scene. Xiaomi Mi 9, crop.

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The Lenovo Z6 Pro provides accurate exposures of uniformly-lit outdoor scenes, with good detail and reasonably pleasant color rendering. Lenovo Z6 Pro, detail preservation. Google Pixel 3, detail preservation. Google Pixel 3, crop. OnePlus 6T, detail preservation.

OnePlus 6T, crop. Lenovo Z6 Pro, close-range zoom. Google Pixel 3, close-range zoom. Xiaomi Mi 9, close-range zoom. Lenovo Z6 Pro, bokeh simulation. Google Pixel 3, bokeh simulation.

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  7. OnePlus 6T, bokeh simulation. Lenovo Z6 Pro, flash shot with 5 lux tungsten lighting. Lenovo Z6 Pro, ringing artifact. Lenovo Z6 Pro, autofocus performance in low light 20 lux. Lenovo Z6 Pro, video target exposure analysis by lighting condition.